Friday, May 4, 2012

GOOD NEWS: We saved Mary Ann's home!!!

Donna, Riley, Loni, Tracie, Mary Ann and Kate celebrate the good news outside of Wells Fargo
We are delighted to report that Wells Fargo has responded to community pressure and approved Mary Ann Jones for a mortgage modification! Mary Ann can keep her home of 21 years, and her daughter Tracie, who is losing her eyesight and living with mobility impairments, won't have to adjust to a new building.

This is yet another example of the people power in action. Thanks to everyone who made phone calls, signed petitions, handed out fliers and attended protests. And special thanks to the good people of Lutheran Social Services who also worked side-by-side with Mary Ann and ultimately secured the deal.

Keep on keeping on, folks! There are more homes to save and more banks to hold to account. We can do it!

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