Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sign the Petition to Save Dale's House!

Project Save Our Homes has launched a campaign to save the Proctor home of Dale Schroeder from being foreclosed upon by JP Morgan Chase.

So far the bank has refused to discuss a mortgage modification with Dale Schroeder. Dale consistently made his payments over the past 26 years but interrupted tragically with the death of his wife, with a serious injury on his farm, and more recently losing his leg to diabetes.

Although his disability insurance eventually ran out, Dale conscientiously attempted to keep up his payments by even spending his entire 401K savings in an attempt to save his home.

Taxpayers bailed out JP Morgan Chase to the tune of $94.7 BILLION!  It's time that they turned around and did something for the struggling homeowners who are suffering as a result of the housing crisis that the banks caused!

We urge you to get involved in our campaign to save Dale's home.  So far our activism has led us to get the sheriff sale of his home pushed back for a whole year.  That buys us time in which to put pressure on the bank.  One way you can help is by signing our online petition, and forwarding the link to everyone that you know.  You can sign the online petition by clicking on the link below!


We also urge you to help us circulate the physical petition, and to attend upcoming Project Save Our Home meetings where we'll be planning more actions and activities to save Dale's home.  We've saved three homes from foreclosure already, together we can make it four!

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