Sunday, April 1, 2012

Daily Pickets Launched to Save MaryAnn's House!

Starting on Monday, April 2, Project Save Our Homes will be holding pickets in front of the downtown Wells Fargo bank from 5-6pm, every Monday through Friday.  We are demanding that Wells Fargo cancel MaryAnn Jone's sheriff sale, and that they re-negotiate her mortgage so that MaryAnn, and her special needs daughter Tracie, can stay in their home!

So far, Wells Fargo has agreed to postpone the sheriff sale that they had originally scheduled for April 24.  Now is the time to urge Wells Fargo to go all the way, and do the right thing!

If you haven't had a chance to sign our online petition to Wells Fargo yet, please do!

And if you can, please join us at our daily pickets; the more community support we get the better!  Feel free to make and bring your own sign, but we'll also have some extras on hand.  Thank you!

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