Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rally to Save the Dunbar Family From Foreclosure

Join us on Wednesday, March 14 at 5pm as we rally in front of U.S. Bank to ask them to do right by Chris & Krystal Dunbar, and re-negotiation their Superior home mortgage.  The protest will be held on the sidewalk in front of the bank, at 130 W. Superior St. in downtown Duluth. Feel free to make and bring your own signs!

Many people are appalled at the uncooperativeness and the dysfunctional customer services at U.S. Bank. There are hundreds of horrid stories circulating in local communities and on the Internet about frustrations of homeowners trying to contact the same person twice at US Bank in order to seek a loan modification.

Another complaint is that US Bank asks homeowners to re-submit their application paperwork over and over again, only to have it again get lost in the system.

This is precisely the experience of Chris and Krystal Dunbar of Superior, Wisconsin trying to save their modest, working-class home from foreclosure. They DID NOT MISS ONE PAYMENT while Chris was employed. In 2007, he abruptly lost his job. His difficulty in finding a new job is attributable to the Big Banks of Wall Street wreaking havoc on our economy. HENCE, THEIR FORECLOSURE PREDICAMENT IS NOT THEIR FAULT !!!!! After a year, Chris is now well-employed, and can meet the regular payments. But, U.S. Bank has foreclosed on the house. The Sheriff's Sale is scheduled for March 27th.

Join us in helping to save the Dunbar family home!

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