Sunday, January 22, 2012

Background Info for the Ann Lockwood Petition

For the past several weeks Project Save Our Homes has been circulating petitions throughout the region calling on State Farm Bank to re-negotiate their mortgage with her.  So far we have collected over 1000 signatures, as well as hundreds more on an online petition.  Here is the background information behind Ann's case:

A conscientious, fiscally-responsible, fifty-five year old mother of three and a seventeen year resident of the Duluth East Hillside is facing home mortgage foreclosure through NO fault of her own!  Ann Lockwood, while a fifteen-year surgical technician at a local hospital, suffered a dislocated knee on the job nine years ago. Surgery was required; infection set in; and now, 28 surgeries and 21 months of hospitalization later, Ann bravely copes with daily life using a prosthesis. While employed full-time, Ann purchased a modest $40,000 house in 1994. Due to her on-the-job accident, she got behind on her mortgage payments.

In 2004, she took out a second mortgage in order to keep making payments. She is now working two jobs, attending school for job retraining, and doing volunteer work. Her income, however, is not sufficient for her to meet the monthly mortgage obligations.

State Farm Bank has filed a formal home foreclosure notice.  The Sheriff’s Sale of her home is scheduled June, 2012.

We, as “Project Save Our Homes,” urge you to come to the aid of Ann Lockwood by signing the accompanying petition to State Farm Bank, pressuring them to make a mutually-workable mortgage modification. We know there are many others in our community facing home foreclosure because of circumstances not of their own making.

By achieving success in this instance, we would be setting a great example for both community members as well as lending institutions for truly helping one another.  Our broader purpose is to bring to light the devastation happening to good people in our communities because of the greed and corrupt speculation of a few within the Wall Street financial industry.

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  1. thank you Duluth for helping my best friend of 40 years. She is the most wonderful person---

    lola dove
    anchorage alaska